Alia Tamar




I consider my art to be a form of memory preservation, specifically mine and that of my heritage. I have little to no recollection of my childhood. So my paintings are an attempt to record events that I find to be developmental stages in my life. In a way I believe I am making up for the memories that are a blur to me today. I was born in Nassau Bahamas but travelled back and forth from Colombia due to my parents’ divorce. This taught me, at a very early age, that I will never be “enough” for either of my cultures. That I will never be fully accepted. So I choose to create a place where I am free to be who I am in my paintings. A space where I am able to release my feelings. The tropical foliage paired with bright, bold patterns are representations of both of my cultures coming together to tell one story. The black and white faces often seen in my images are representations of me, my other selves so to speak. Like yin and yang, they are my inner conflicting thoughts and emotions brought to life to complete my narrative.


2015     Graphic Design, Fanshawe College

Instagram: @aliatamarknowles