Alia Tamar


With an insatiable appetite for knowledge pertaining to Art & Design. I will continue to grow, I am Alia Tamar.


Alia Tamar

I studied Graphic Design at Fanshawe College in London ,Ontario in Canada. While studying at Fanshawe, I interned briefly at Filthy Rebena Vintage Clothing store as their Graphic Designer/ Social Media Manager. I then later transitioned into a seasonal summer position as Junior Graphic Designer there.

Prior to arriving into Canada I lived in The Bahamas. While there I interned at "The Island House" a boutique hotel. I was mentored by their Lead Graphic Designer, Phyllisa Barnes. She really opened my eyes and got me prepared to study Graphic Design. I am still very thankful for all her help and guidance.

My creative approach— is very complicated at times. As soon as an idea or project is introduced to me my head starts filling with potential designs. I tend to ask a lot of questions because I think that everything can be taken from so many different and sometimes conflicting approaches, so for me I love to make sure I am VERY familiar with my client's needs.

I am also a freelance paintress, So whenever possible I love to work with raw materials and many different mediums. I also think this approach is very important when we live in such a digital market. I like to think that it keeps me grounded, there is something beautiful in process and hard work.





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